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Beneficiary is a public or private institution, responsible for initiating or initiating and implementing operations. The beneficiary shall develop and submit project proposal in compliance with EU regulations and OP. In case of approval of a grant, the beneficiary is obliged under the contract for granting financial assistance to hold public procurement procedures related to implementation of the project activities (construction, services and supplies) and shall sign a contract with the selected contractor under the control of the IB. The beneficiary shall be responsible for the every day administrative, technical and financial management of the project.
The first and most important condition to apply for financing under OPE 2007 - 2013 is the applicant to be identified as beneficiary under the relevant priority axis of the programme.

Beneficiaries under priority axis 1: municipal administrations, water supply and sewage companies, Rriver Basin Management Directorates.

Beneficiaries under priority axis 2: municipal administrations, regional associations of municipalities.

Beneficiaries under priority axis 3: municipal authorities, associations of municipalities, directorates within the Ministry of Environment and Water and within the Ministry of Agriculture and Food responsible for managing national and natural parks, respectively NATURA 2000 management administrations, non-governmental organizations, Regional Inspectorates of Environment and Water.

Beneficiaries under priority axis 4: OPE Managing Authority, Intermediate Body, Monitoring Committee, Project Selection and Coordination Committee, Internal Audit Directorate within the Ministry of Environment and Water, working groups established for the purposes of the OP, beneficiaries under priorities 1, 2 and 3.