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Monitoring Committee

The implementation of OPE shall be monitored by Monitoring Committee (MC) set up under Article 63 of Regulation 1083/2006 and following the partnership principle.

Council of Ministers Decree No 182/21 July 2006 lays down the composition, the functions and the tasks of the MC. Its composition is defined by Order of the Minister of Environment and Water. The MC monitors the effectiveness and quality of the implementation of the operational programme by considering and approving criteria for selecting the operations financed, following the progress in OPE implementation, considering and approving the annual and final reports on the programme implementation, approving the amendments and revising the OP.

On its first meeting the MC adopts Internal Rules of Procedure and a Code of Conduct, which is an integral part of its Internal Rules of Procedure. The coordination, administrative and technical work related to the operation of the Committee shall be carried out by a Secretariat - Monitoring and Reporting Department within OPE Managing Authority.

The OPE Monitoring Committee may set up, when necessary, permanent or temporary subcommittees on specific and current issues. The composition, the tasks and the functions of the subcommittees are determined by the Internal Rules of Procedure of the MC.

According to Article 65 of Regulation 1083/2006, the MC shall satisfy itself as to the effectiveness and quality of the implementation of the operational programme, in accordance with the following provisions:

  • it shall consider and approve the criteria for selecting the operations financed within six months of the approval of the operational programme and approve any revision of those criteria in accordance with programming needs;
  • it shall periodically review progress made towards achieving the specific targets of the operational programme on the basis of documents submitted by the managing authority;
  • it shall consider and approve the annual and final reports on the implementation of the OPE;
  • it shall obtain information on the results, conclusions and recommendations from the financial management reports and OP implementation reports, prepared by the Certifying Authority;
  • it shall consider information from the annual control reports, as well as findings of external and internal control authorities related to significant deviations (if any) from the objectives initially set, and based on that, shall adopt a time schedule on implementation of measures and shall approve a report on the implementation of these measures;
  • it may propose to the Managing Authority any revision or examination of the operational programme likely to make possible the attainment of the EU Funds' objectives or to improve its management, including its financial management;
  • it shall consider and approve any proposal to amend the content of the Commission decision on the contribution from the Funds;
  • it shall consider and approve the proposals for redistribution of the funds between the priorities of OPE, when necessary;
  • it shall approve OP Communication plan on information and publicity measures and shall examine its implementation;
  • it shall observe the steps undertaken by the Managing Authority and the Intermediate Body of OP, in compliance with the following horizontal policies: sustainable development (incl. environment), equal opportunities, competition (incl. state aids) and public procurement;
  • it may also perform other tasks under the Internal Rules of Procedure.

Composition of the Monitoring Committee

Internal rules of procedure

Code of conduct