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Priority axis 3: Biodiversity

Development of Bulgarka Natural Park Management Plan

Category: Priority axis 3: Biodiversity

Amount: 1,975,462.00lv

Register number: 593210-1-5

Beneficiary type: Natural Park Directorate

Beneficiary name: Nature Park Bulgarka Directorate

Project year: 2013

District: Gabrovo

Region: Gabrovo


Ensuring of sustainable management, protection and restoration of Nature Park "Bulgarka", by developing of a management plan for the park.


Cartographic and Geoinformation activities:

1. Preparation of a digital database, output mapping base M1: 5000, development of basic topographic layers - relief, infrastructure, types of territories, lands from the forest fund (GF), forest management projects, hydrography, separate sites, linear infrastructure, etc., processing of the map of reinstated ownership (MRO).

2. Processing and registering in geo-data base of specialized layers of information.

The difference with the other projects currently being implemented for Natura 2000 site is as follows:

The Geographic information system (GIS) is not created for the park / the area, but only for layers with the respective habitats.

The accuracy of the used map materials is 15-25 m (from maps of 1:25000).

The ownership is not examined (the source MROs do not have data with owners).

The Maps of reinstated ownership (MROs) are of unknown origin and validity.

The treated sections are mainly of agricultural lands (the forest layers are not examined).

Inventory of the following biotic components of the plan:

  • Ecosystems and biotopes
  • Vegetation
  • Flora
  • Fauna

Inventory of the abiotic components of the plan:

  • Climate
  • Geology and geomorphology
  • Hydrology and Hydrobiology and hydrochemistry
  • Soils
  • Landscape

Preparation of cultural and social and economical characteristics for the purposes of the management plan:

Inventory of the following social and economical and cultural factors:

  • Population and demographic structure
  • Settlement network
  • Technical Infrastructure
  • Agriculture
  • Forestry
  • Hunting, fishing and gathering of natural products
  • Industry
  • Current use of the adjacent territories
  • Cultural and Historical Heritage
  • Status of the environmental components

Analysis of tourism, sport, recreation and services

Working out of management plan

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