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Priority axis 3: Biodiversity

Development of Belasitsa Natural Park Management Plan

Category: Priority axis 3: Biodiversity

Amount: 1,161,974.68lv

Register number: 593211-1-6

Beneficiary type: Natural Park Directorate

Beneficiary name: Belasitsa Nature Park Directorate

Project year: 2015

District: Petrich

Region: Blagoevgrad


Protection and maintenance of the biological and landscape diversity of Nature Park Belasitsa. 2. Achieving balance between protection and sustainable use of the resources of Nature Park Belasitsa


Development of the descriptive part of Belasitsa Natural Park Management Plan

Performing the necessary researches and analyses (field work) and development of the following parts of the Management Plan:

General information about the territory

Abiotic characteristics (Climate, Geology and Geomorphology; Hydrology and Hydrobiology, Soil)

Biological characteristics (Ecosystems and biotopes; Vegetation; Flora; Fauna)

Social and economical characteristics (Population and demographic characteristics, Urban Network, Technical Infrastructure, Agriculture, Forestry, Hunting, fishing and gathering of natural products; Tourism and Sport, Public awareness, Industry, Water use)

Current use of the adjacent areas

Cultural and historical heritage


Assessment of the state of the components of environment

Production of digital model of Belasitsa Natural Park terrain:

Collecting of the necessary information

Field-survey work

Systematization of the collected information

Analyses and working out of Geographic Information System (GIS) and Electronic Document Management Systems (eDMS)

Conceptual model of Information system (IS) / policies and strategies

Development of IS / Software acquisition

Completion of IS

Implementation / Training

Generation of maps for the Management Plan

Installation on the workstation in the Belasitsa Natural Park Directorate;

Correct visualization of all maps and related lists, charts, etc.

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