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Priority axis 3: Biodiversity

Restoration, protection and sustainable management of the biodiversity in the protected place Zlato pole

Category: Priority axis 3: Biodiversity

Amount: 891,133.16lv

Register number: 58301-36-456

Beneficiary type: Municipality

Beneficiary name: Municipality of Dimitrovgrad

Project year: 2012

District: Dimitrovgrad

Region: Haskovo


Restoration, protection and sustainable management of the biodiversity in protected place Zlatno pole, by applying the measures provided for in the Management Plan.


Providing of additional water quantities for maintaining the hydrological regime of the protected place Zlatno pole - construction of a hydraulic structure - a channel for supplying water from the river of Martinka in the protected area.

Activities for restoration and protection of floodplain forests and hydrophilic plant communities, typical for the protected places.

  • Conservation activities for the protection of priority species for protected places:
    • Activities for keeping of sleep place for the wintering small cormorant and increasing the number of other bird species, wintering in the territory of the protected place;
    • Activities for keeping of mixed heron colony;
    • Protection and increasing of the nesting bird priority species Pygmy Cormorant, Ferruginous Duck and hollow nesting birds;
    • Activities for reintroduction of the summer snowflake;
    • Activities to restoration and maintaining the population of the white water lily;
    • Activities for protection of the population of the Syrian Spadefoot.
  • Actions for combating introducenta - Amorpha.
  • Creating of form for management of protected places, ensuring the implementation of the arrangements envisaged in the Management Plan and for the sustainable management of the natural resources.
  • Establishment of a visitor infrastructure and preconditions for development of ecotourism.
  • Activities for information and publicity - popularizing of the conservation significance and value of the protected place, increasing of the public awareness and involvement through the measures for its protection.
  • Organization and project management. Audit.

Additional information

Place of the project implementation: Zlato pole protected place, Zlato pole protected area, Maritsa River protected area, Dimitrovgrad municipality – the land of village of Zlato pole, the land of village of Brod, the land of village of Raynovo; Haskovo Municipality – the land of the village of Nova Nadejda, Haskovo district

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