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Priority axis 3: Biodiversity

Restoration and protection of protected place “Lozenski pat” – wetland – and habitat of summer snowflake (Leucojum aestivum) and the sustainable use of the biological resources

Category: Priority axis 3: Biodiversity

Amount: 527,784.07lv

Register number: 58301-46-466

Beneficiary type: Municipality

Beneficiary name: Svilengrad Municipality

Project year: 2012

District: Svilengrad

Region: Haskovo


Restoration, protection and management of important wetland - habitat of summer snowflake (Leucojum aestivum) - protected place “Lozenski pat” and sustainable use of biological resources.


  • Collecting, summarizing and analyzing of basic information about the project area. Studying the status of the summer snowflake and the negative factors;
  • Detailed hydrological, hydrogeological and geodetic evaluation. Evaluation of the hydrotechnical structures;
  • Restoration of the water regime - building of a system for sustainable maintaining of optimal water regime;
  • Cleaning the area of the protected place from construction and other waste;
  • Reconstruction of the road leading to the protected place;
  • Development and installation of 2 arbours for visitors;
  • Providing and installation of information boards (2 boards in the town of Svilengrad and 1 board – right before the protected place), 6 indicative and marking of the protected area;
  • Partial enclosure of the protected area (to prevent grazing);
  • Publication of a handbook for protection and sustainable use of the summer snowflake;
  • Information and PR campaign - making a series of information materials, meetings and discussions and lectures with students;
  • Organizing of a seminar with all stakeholders;
  • Management and coordination of the project;
  • Audit of the project.

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