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Priority axis 3: Biodiversity

Limiting the negative influence of invasive species and restoration of the natural habitats, through planting of local species in Srebarna Nature Reserve

Category: Priority axis 3: Biodiversity

Amount: 1,364,165.50lv

Register number: 58301-19-439

Beneficiary type: RIEW

Beneficiary name: The Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water - Rousse

Project year: 2013

District: Ruse

Region: Ruse


To protect the biodiversity in the Srebarna Nature Reserve and to restore and maintain the habitats - subject of protection.


  • Formation of team for organization and project management;
  • Conducting of procurement procedures;
  • Exploration activities:
    • Inventory of the forest habitats (natural and / or semi-natural) in Srebarna Nature Reserve and the habitat 91 EC*, as part of them. Analysis of the state and the evaluation of its favorable conservation status. Working out a program for reforestation of areas with native species (technological plans for reforestation), exempt from hybrid poplar;
    • Initial study of the vegetation in terms of invasiveness of the territory of Srebarna Nature Reserve, by walkthrough and testing of the protected territory and determining of the invasive plant species, their area distribution and their impact on the natural vegetation in the wetland;
  • Implementation of the practical measures:
    • Drawing up of a handbook and a methodology for successful struggle against the invasive species;
    • Marking of the invasive species and implementation of effective measures for eliminating them and limiting their negative impact;
    • Activities on utilization operations of the extracted material, according to the developed methodology;
    • Carrying out of afforestation activities on area of 370 acres with white willow species, field ash-tree, black and white poplar and elm, summer oak, etc.;
    • Implementation of activities for rehabilitation and repair of the gateways in the Srebarna Nature Reserve.
  • Exchange of experience for combat with invasive species and / or restoration of the habitats;
  • Performing of periodic monitoring of the national reserve territory, as per a developed program and subsequent actions for removing of newly emerging invasive species;
  • Working out of a guide for restoration and management of the restored habitat until turning it into type "B";
  • Information and publicity;
  • Performing of audit of the project;
  • Project management;
  • Preparation of the project proposal.

Place of the project: Protected / Maintained territory of Srebarna Nature Reserve, protected area Srebarna, the village of Srebarna, the village of Vetren and the village of Aydemir, the municipality of Silistra, Silistra District.

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