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Priority axis 3: Biodiversity

Restoration of the population of the European ground squirrel (Spermophylus citillus) as a main element for the sustainment of favorable conservation status of priority grass habitats and the populations of predator birds in the Nature Park Sinite ka

Category: Priority axis 3: Biodiversity

Amount: 470,400.00lv

Register number: 58301-38-458

Beneficiary type: Natural Park Directorate

Beneficiary name: Sinite kamani Nature Park Directorate

Project year: 2012

District: Sliven

Region: Sliven


Restoration of the population of the ground squirrel as a prerequisite for maintaining of favorable conservation status of target grasslands habitats for Natura 2000 and as the primary food base for large raptors in the Sinite kamani Nature Park


  • Stopping the degradation of pastures and their initial bringing in a favorable environmental condition;
  • Applying a scheme for grazing of target pasture;
  • Recolonisation of the squirrel in selected target areas;
  • Support the populations of raptors and reducing the risk of the recolonised squirrels from them;
  • Construction of 2 summer pastures in the areas "Lokvata" and "Karakyutyuk;
  • Establishing of Information center for good manufacturing practices (GMP) Karandila;
  • Construction of facilities for monitoring of the squirrel colonies.

Place of project implementation: Areas of NATURA 2000: For habitats – Sinite kamani. For birds - Sinite kamani - Grebenets. Protected areas: Sinite kamani Nature Park, Sliven, Sliven Municipality, Sliven District.

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