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Priority axis 1: Water

Integrated project for management of drinking water of the town of Dolna Banya and construction of a joint WWTP

Category: Priority axis 1: Water

Amount: 636,500.00lv

Register number: 58131-166-166

Beneficiary type: Municipality

Beneficiary name: Dolna Banya

Project year: 2011

District: Dolna banya

Region: Sofia-region


Reconstruction, modernization and build sewers in the town of Dolna Banya and collector leads - a project for wastewater treatment plants - Design of sewerage network in the resort of Dolna Banya and collector leads to Dolna Banya - reconstruction of bringing water and equipment from the main water Raduil - Ihtiman the town of Dolna Banya - reconstruction and modernization of urban water supply network - reconstruction and modernization of water supply network in the resort of Dolna Banya.


  • Surveying of new routes and land for WWTP and engineering-and-geological and hydrological surveys, survey of the existing Water supply and sewerage infrastructure;
  • Activities on ensuring of licensing authorization regime under the EPA, WA, and SDA;
  • Developing of an integrated project for management of the drinking and waste water of the town of Dolna banya and Dolna Banya resort construction of a joint WWTP;
  • Coordinating procedures and ensuring of building permits;
  • Consulting activity. Working out of financial and economic analyses, incl. costs and benefit analysis and preparation of documentation for applying for funding for construction under Operational Programme “Environment 2007 – 2013”.
  • Preparation of documentation for awarding of public procurement contracts for the activities included in the future infrastructure project, incl. construction and construction supervision;
  • Costs for information and publicity;
  • Audit of the project;
  • Costs incurred before applying for the grant.

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