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Priority axis 1: Water

. Investment projects for the rehabilitation of the water supply and the sewerage networks in Targovishte, under Contract EUROPEAID/116766 C CARL BRO

Category: Priority axis 1: Water

Amount: 16,009,043.00lv

Register number: 58111-18-209

Beneficiary type: Municipality

Beneficiary name: Targovishte

Project year: 2012

District: Targovishte

Region: Targovishte


The project provides rehabilitation of the Water supply and sewerage networks of the town of Targovishte.


  • Replacement of worn-out pipelines and construction of new priority pipelines, according to the Pre-feasibility study results, of total length about 24 km.
  • Replacement of the sewerage collectors of insufficient capacity and building of new ones, in accordance with the Pre-feasibility study results, of total length about 10 km.

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