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Priority axis 1: Water

Pre-investment feasibility study, expert analysis and preparation of an infrastructure project for construction of WWTP, completing the construction of sewerage network and partial reconstruction of the water supply network in the town of Silistra

Category: Priority axis 1: Water

Amount: 1,028,400.00lv

Register number: 58131-30-30

Beneficiary type: Municipality

Beneficiary name: Silistra

Project year: 2011

District: Silistra

Region: Silistra


A full investment project proposal shall be prepared under the project, for construction of WWTP, extension and reconstruction of the sewerage network and partial replacement of damaged water supply network of the town of Silistra.


  • Management and publicity;
  • Pre-investment feasibility study and development of technical projects for Waste water treatment plant;
  • Development of technical projects for completing of the sewerage and partial reconstruction of the water supply network;
  • Preparation of financial and economic analysis;
  • Issuance of permits under the legislation on Environment and water and building permits;
  • Preparation of application form for applying with an investment project and documentation for awarding of public procurement contracts for its implementation.

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