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Priority axis 1: Water

Technical assistance for preparation of project for completion and reconstruction of sewerage and construction of WWTP in the municipality of Rakitovo

Category: Priority axis 1: Water

Amount: 514,260.00lv

Register number: 58131-75-75

Beneficiary type: Municipality

Beneficiary name: Rakitovo

Project year: 2011

District: Rakitovo

Region: Pazardzhik


The purpose of the project is to prepare a quality and complete investment project for reconstruction and completion of the sewerage network and construction of treatment facilities for waste water in the Rakitovo municipality. This includes completion of the sewerage of Rakitovo municipality and reconstruction of about 3 km of the existing one, completion of the sewerage network of the town of Kostandovo and construction of WWTP for joint treatment of waste water of the three settlements within the municipality – the town of Rakitovo, the town of Kostandovo and the village of Dorkovo. At the same time the option will be considered for individual treatment of waste water in urban areas, by choosing of the more effective approach for the municipality from technical and economic point of view. The idea is that the municipality will subsequently apply for funding under priority axis 1 of the OP “Environment 2007-2013” for infrastructure project.


§ Preparation of preliminary (pre-investment feasibility) studies and preliminary design - this activity includes the hydrology of the area, performing of geological and hydro geological studies; geodetic works, investigation of the channel network, chemistry of the sewerage water and developing of a preliminary project for construction of waste water treatment facilities for waste water. At this stage of the project the possibilities for establishing of joint WWTP or facilities for individual water treatment in settlements will be examined;

§ Preparation of financial and economic analyses – the financial and economic analysis and the analysis of the costs and benefits will be a separate document containing a summary of the information for all factors that determine the project. It will be prepared after completion of the main sections of the pre-investment feasibility study;

§ Design of WWTP with collectors and sewerage network;

§ Preparation of a detailed design of treatment plant for waste water, with collector network;

§ Providing of a detailed design for the completion and reconstruction of the sewerage within the municipality of Rakitovo;

§ Providing permits and attitudes;

§ Assessment of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and issuing a decision;

§ Providing a solution for environmental assessment;

§ Providing of solution for assessment of the probability of providing of significant negative impact on the project on the protected areas of Natura 2000 network;

§ Providing of solution for assessing the compatibility of the investment project with the object and purpose of conservation of the protected area of NATURA 2000 network;

§ Conducting public hearings in connection with the issuance of permits under the law of the environment (EPA);

§ Provide a building permit;

§ Preparation of documentation for awarding of public procurement contracts for the activities included in future infrastructure projects;

§ Preparation of an application form for the future investment project;

§ Visualization of the project;

§ Accounting of the project;

§ Financial audit;

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