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Priority axis 2: Waste management

Integrated management of household solid waste on the territory of Laki Municipality

Category: Priority axis 2: Waste management

Amount: 131,850.00lv

Register number: 58231-7-311

Beneficiary type: Municipality

Beneficiary name: Laki

Project year: 2011

District: Laki

Region: Plovdiv


Project implementation involves provision of technical assistance to Laki Municipality for: 1. Conducting feasibility studies for the entire project; 2. Development of a detailed design for construction of a reloading station with a HSW separation line, a biodegradable waste composting ground, water supply and waste water discharge, site electrification, development of a detailed design for the construction of a service road – Ivane area, Yugovo land area, Laki Municipality, prior to the transportation of waste to the regional landfill in Teklen Dol area, Smolian Municipality; 3. Project for closing and phased reclamation of the municipal landfill in Ivanski Dol area, village of Yugovo land area.


  • Feasibility studies (determining the quantity and type of waste to be collected separately, composted and deposited. Determining the routes of the road connection, the water supply and sewerage lines and related facilities, the location of the power substation. Drafting an investment intention advice. Water supply of the site.);
  • Development of detailed designs;
  • Detailed design coordination and approval procedures (coordination with different institutions: EVN, Regional Inspectorate for Public Health Protection and Control, Fire and Emergency Safety Service, District Road Administration, Water Supply and Sewerage Company, etc.);
  • Preparing tender documents for selection of contractors;
  • Completing the application form;
  • Project audit;
  • Information and publicity measures.

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