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Priority axis 2: Waste management

Development of a waste management project for Kozloduy Municipality – Oriahovo region

Category: Priority axis 2: Waste management

Amount: 599,880.00lv

Register number: 58231-11-315

Beneficiary type: Municipality

Beneficiary name: Kozloduy

Project year: 2011

District: Kozloduy

Region: Vratsa


The specific project objective is to support Kozloduy Municipality in preparing complete, quality investment designs for improvement and development of the waste treatment infrastructure


· Mobilisation and development of an inception report;

· Review of the existing waste management system and available documents;

· Forecast of the quantities and composition of generated waste;

· Conducting pre-investment study to identify investment components to be proposed for financing under OP Environment 2007 - 2013;

· Development of a conceptual design of the approved alternative;

· Elaborating the Application Form for financing of the investment design from OP Environment and drafting all necessary documents required for integration of the Form, including financial and economic analysis, public procurement organization plan (strategy), etc., in accordance with the application guidelines;

· Development of a preliminary design;

· Preparation of public procurement documents under LPP for all activities included for financing in the Application Form, in accordance with the pre-approved plan for their organization;

· Support for the overall project management within the process of management and implementation of the contracts under project “Technical assistance for development of a Waste Sector investment design of Kozloduy Municipality;

· Ensuring full transparency regarding the absorption of the funds under Contracting Authority’s project, granted to Bulgaria from the EU Structural Funds;

· Drafting an application form and documents for selection of public procurement contractors for grant procedure Ref. No. BG161PO005/08/2.30/01/03;

· Making available a certified public accountant or an audit firm;

· Preparing documents in accordance with environmental legislation requirements;

· Permit issuing activities under BDA, LST, etc;

  • Municipality costs for purchase of material and equipment for project organization and management.

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