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Priority axis 2: Waste management

Development of a waste management project for Knezha Municipality – Oriahovo region

Category: Priority axis 2: Waste management

Amount: 599,880.00lv

Register number: 58231-24-328

Beneficiary type: Municipality

Beneficiary name: Knezha

Project year: 2011

District: Knezha

Region: Pleven


Building a new integrated system of facilities for pre-treatment and disposal of household waste, which complies with existing legislation and contributes for attainment of national waste treatment goals.


  • Technical assistance for development of a Waste Sector investment design of Knezha Municipality, involving the following activities:
  • Mobilization and development of an inception report;
  • Review of the existing waste management system and available documents;
  • Forecast of the quantities and composition of the waste generated in the municipality;
  • Conducting a pre-investment study for all approved investment components to be proposed for financing from OPE;
  • Development of a conceptual design for the selected alternative;
  • Drafting an Application Form for financing of the investment design from OP Environment 2007 – 2013 and preparing all associated documents required to integrate the Form, including financial and economic analyses, public procurement organization plan (strategy), etc.;
  • Development of a preliminary design;
  • Drafting public procurement documents under LPP for all activities included for financing in the Application Form;
  • Technical assistance for the organization and management of the contracts under the project;
  • Support for the overall management and implementation of contracts under project “Technical assistance for development of a Waste Management Sector investment design of Knezha Municipality;
  • Organization and implementation of project publicity measures;
  • Ensuring full transparency in relation to the absorption of the funds under Knezha Municipality’s project, granted to Republic of Bulgaria from the EU structural funds;
  • Drafting an Application Form for “Technical assistance for development of a Waste Management Sector investment design of Knezha Municipality”;
  • Drafting an Application Form and documents for selection of public procurement contractors for grant procedure Ref. No. BG161PO005/ 08/ 2.30/01/03;
  • Project audit;
  • Making available a certified public accountant or an audit firm to verify the correctness, reliability and adequacy of reported costs and related supporting documents;
  • Preparing documents in accordance with environmental legislation requirements (where applicable);
  • Development of environmental assessments, EIA, AC, etc.;
  • Activities to be carried out by the beneficiary:
  • Activities in connection with the issuing of permits under BDA, LST, etc;
  • Municipality costs for purchase of materials and equipment for project organization and management.

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