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Priority axis 2: Waste management

Technical assistance for development of investment design “Enlargement of regional HSW Landfill, town of Madan, and construction of waste pre-treatment grounds in the municipalities of Madan, Zlatograd and Nedelino”

Category: Priority axis 2: Waste management

Amount: 739,070.00lv

Register number: 58231-26-330

Beneficiary type: Municipality

Beneficiary name: Madan, Zlatograd, Nedelino.

Project year: 2011

District: Madan

Region: Smolyan


Construction of project “Enlargement of the regional landfill in the town of Madan and construction of ground(s) for reloading, pre-sorting and pre-treatment of the waste fit for recycling, as well composting and recovery of biodegradable waste for biogas generation”, construction of project “Ground for pre-sorting and pre-treatment of the waste fit for recycling, as well as composting of biodegradable waste in the municipality of Zlatograd”


  • Geodetic survey of areas;
  • Provision of hydrological data by NIMH - BAS;
  • Provision of meteorological data by NIMH - BAS;
  • Tachymetric survey of the terrain;
  • Georadar survey and wall stamp pressuring survey;
  • Project for enhancing the capacity of the regional landfill – necessity activities related to subsequent designing;
  • Conducting a feasibility study, including full cost-benefit analysis, development of investment designs, drafting a form, consulting services;
  • Project audit;
  • Project organization and management;
  • Ensuring project information and publicity;
  • Ex-post evaluation;
  • Support for project organization and management.

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