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Dec 17, 2010


The Managing Authority of OP "Environment" launched information days for potential beneficiaries under procedure BG161PO005/10/3.0/2/20 "Activities on preservation and restoration of the biodiversity in the Republic of Bulgaria" and procedure "Development of management plans for special protected areas for birds not overlapping with the protected areas for habitats and wild flora and fauna" which is to be opened.
The information days took place in Vratza, Veliko Tarnovo, Shumen, Stara Zagora, Plovdiv and Sofia in the period December 1st to December 16th, 2010. The participants included all potential applicants under the procedures: Regional Inspectorates of Environment and Water, National and Natural Park Directorates, Regional Forests Directorates, municipalities and NGOs. There were also media representatives.

During the information days, the participants had the opportunity to put questions to the experts from the OPE Managing Authority. The most frequent questions were about the eligibility of certain activities under the procedures, the requirements for eligibility of potential partners, who will be included in the project development when necessary, the implementation and/or funding of the project, the preparation of the project proposal budget, the requirements for the project management team, the established payment schedule for projects under the ongoing procedure BG161PO005/10/3.0/2/20 "Activities on preservation and restoration of the biodiversity in the Republic of Bulgaria".

The participants expressed their satisfaction with the continuous dialogue and support on behalf of the Managing Authority in connection to the preparation and implementation of projects under the programme. The OPE teams also received recommendations for accelerating the expenditure verification process and the project payments.

The answers to the questions submitted during information days and via e-mail will be published on the website of OP "Environment" in the questions and answers section, biodiversity sector, as well as attached to the application guidelines. Potential applicants may continue to raise their questions via the e-mail of the programme and within the term indicated in the Guidelines.