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Nov 30, 2010


The Head of the Managing Authority of Operational Programme “Environment” Malina Krumova and Jorgen Bog Jorgensen, a consultant from the Bulgarian-Danish consortium RNEP, took part in a public discussion about the implementation of the project for construction of regional facility for urban waste treatment in the region of Stara Zagora. The forum was headed by the Municipal Council Chairman Tencho Rukanov, while questions were also answered by the mayor of Stara Zagora Municipality Svetlin Tanchev and the Head of Regional Administration Yordan Nikolov.

The broad public discussion was triggered by the session of the Municipal Council from November 25, which disapproved the proposed changes to the purpose and use of the land, which would have otherwise given green light to the implementation of the project. The problem is that the citizens of Rakitnitsa have repeatedly shown their strong opposition to the construction of a waste landfill near their homes. However, according to Penka Nacheva, Director of the Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water in Stara Zagora, these concerns are ungrounded, since the designed landfill will be different from the landfills constructed so far and its technology will comply with all European regulations and thus have no harmful impact on the environment. Since the distance between the landfill and the village is 2 km, the project envisages a special investment of over BGN 11 million into the construction of a hidden composting cell with air-conditioning system.

The rejected proposal about the expropriation of 100,000 m2 of public municipal land will be the top item on the agenda of the extraordinary session of the Municipal Council in Stara Zagora, which will take place on December 2.

The project for the construction of regional waste management system in Stara Zagora is worth BGN 52 million, BGN 50 million of which are provided from Operational Programme “Environment”, while the remaining BGN 2 million are co-financed by twelve municipalities, members of the regional association.