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Oct 4, 2010


In accordance with the programme for the present year and the efforts for increasing the capacity of the beneficiaries, the Managing Authority of OPE organizes the second training cycle for the eligible applicants under the programme. They started on September 8 and will continue until October 8 2010.

Three training sessions have already finished. The first two were directed to representatives of the regional structures of the MOЕW - Regional Inspectorates of Environment and Water, the directorates of National parks and the Basin Directorates. The opportunities for receiving of funding under OPE and the upcoming procedures in Biodiversity sector were presented. Guidelines and instructions were given on the financial issues, arising in the course of work on current projects.

The third training was conducted within September 27 to 29 and it was directed to explaining Call for proposals 19 - Preparation and implementation of projects for improving and developing of water and waste water infrastructure in agglomerations above 10 000 p.e. The candidates for it are 36 municipalities with a low degree of project readiness, which have not received public funding to date, they have not made analysis of the needs of the agglomerations and have not prioritized the project sites and measures that should be implemented. The purpose was to assist the potential beneficiaries in preparation and implementation of the projects, for meeting the requirements of the European and Bulgarian legislations.

The next two training sessions will be conducted within the period 29 September to 6 October and they are intended to explain the conditions for applying under Call 16 - Improvement and development of water and waste water infrastructure in agglomerations above 10 000 p.e. The construction, rehabilitation and modernization of waste water treatment plants, the construction, rehabilitation, reconstruction and modernization of the sewage networks and the water supply networks, where their route coincides with the sewage one, will be financed under the procedure.

The eligible applicants for both procedures are representatives of 124 municipalities with priority for funding in terms of achieving compliance with European legislation on the treatment of urban waste water.

The training continues three days, organized on lecture and discussion basis. Experts of the Managing Authority present the main steps of the project preparation under both procedures and one day is provided for questions and answers and examination of specific cases, related to completing of application forms, their annexes and drawing up of financial and economic analysis.

The most frequently asked questions during the trainings are related to determining the amount of the grant for the project and to the organizing and conducting of public procurement procedures, because of the specificity of both procedures. Many questions are rising in connection with the time schedules for conducting of audit and also for the way of completing the preparation stage of the investment project under Procedure 19. Answers to frequently asked questions will be posted on the website of OPE in the FAQ section.

On October 8, the trainings will end up with themes and discussions on the Environmental Impact Assessment and the Environmental Assessment procedures with regard to the requirements and details related to the submission of documentation for funding through the OPE.