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Mar 21, 2011


Trainings in FIDIC standards for construction and engineering contracts will be conducted in the period April 18 to April 21 in Sofia.

The topic of the first seminar is “Management of construction and engineering contracts by the use of FIDIC contractual terms and conditions” (April 18-April 19). The aim of the seminar is to illustrate the way in which effective contract management may contribute to the success of the construction and engineering projects.

The second seminar entitled “Practical contract management under the Red and Yellow book of FIDIC” is aimed at expanding the knowledge about the general contractual principles. It will be conducted from April 20 to April 21 and it will discuss important practical issues, which arise in the course of project implementation, designed in compliance with the Red and Yellow Book of FIDIC. The content and clauses of each book will be presented during the seminar.

These trainings are not organised and financed by the Ministry of Environment and Water. Participants will have no competitive advantage over other OPE applicants. More information about the seminars may be found here (Seminar 1 and Seminar 2).