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BG16M1OP002-3.002 „Identifying and complementing the establishment of marine Natura 2000 sites“

Date announced: December 4, 2015
Dead line for documents: December 30, 2016

IMPORTANT: The guidance for application has been amended by Order-RD-OP-76/24.06.2016 of the minister of environment and water.  The text “The applicant submits a project proposal before 4 p.m. on 30 June 2016” in Section 24 “Deadline for project proposal submission” is amended as follows: “The applicant submits a project proposal before 4 p.m. on 30 December 2016”

The Ministry of Environment and Water opens direct award procedure „Identifying and complementing the establishment of marine Natura 2000 sites“.

The direct beneficiary under the procedure is National Service for Nature Protection Directorate in the Ministry of Environment and Water.

The aim of the procedure is completion of the Natura 2000 network establishment. It is expected the Natura 2000 species and natural habitats in the marine territory of Republic of Bulgaria to be mapped.

The eligible activities are: development/update of methodologies for mapping and for conservation status assessment of marine species and natural habitats; research, studies and mapping of marine natural habitats and species, development of documentation pursuant to art. 8 of the Biodiversity Act with proposals for new Natura 2000 sites or for amending the existing Natura 2000 sites, upgrade and update of the existing information system for Natura 2000 sites, etc.

The project implementation should be focused in the marine territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The maximum amount of the grant is 11 734 980 BGN. The procedure is funded by the European Union through the European Fund for Regional Development and by national funds.

The deadline for submission of a project proposal is on 30 December 2016, at 4 p.m.

The project can be submitted by filling out a web based application form and submitting it with an electronic signature via the UMIS 2020:


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