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BG16M1OP002-1.008 „Further development and/or optimization of networks for control and operational monitoring of the chemical status of groundwater“

Date announced: June 17, 2016
Dead line for documents: December 30, 2016

The Ministry of Environment and Water opens a direct award procedure № BG16M1OP002-1.008 „Further development and/or optimization of networks for control and operational monitoring of the chemical status of groundwater“.

Specific beneficiary under the procedure is Executive Environment Agency (EEA), which is an administration under the Minister of Environment and Water.

Executive Environment Agency (Under the Water Act and Ordinance №1 for water monitoring) carries out the chemical status monitoring of the groundwater bodies. EEA conducts laboratory and field studies in order to determine the water status (of surface and underground water); monitors water and maintains a water monitoring information system at national level.

The aim of the procedure is to improve the groundwater chemical status monitoring by optimizing and expanding the monitoring networks in order to improve their efficiency, which includes: planning and designing the extension of the monitoring networks and of the equipment; construction of new, equipment for existing and newly built monitoring stations; conduction of a new study of the chemical composition and groundwater properties, including analysis of the existing monitoring networks and selection of additional sampling points.

The result of the procedure will be an establishment of an optimized network and program for groundwater bodies chemical status monitoring and contribution to the implementation of Action 5 "Investments for further building of monitoring networks" to ex-ante conditionality 6.1 "Water sector" from the Partnership agreement between the Republic of Bulgaria and the European Union.

The grant procedure is being implemented thanks to the European Union Cohesion Fund financing. The project will be implemented on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria by the EEA.

Main eligible activities under the procedure:

1. Chemical status study the of groundwater bodies in the Republic of Bulgaria for the purpose of characterization of groundwater bodies and assessment of the impact of human activities on them, as well as planning the monitoring of third RBMP in stations outside the monitoring networks, developed under the second RBMP. The aim is to be provided density in order to ensure high or medium level of assurance of the data.

2. Planning and design the extension (optimization) of the monitoring network.

3. Construction of new groundwater monitoring stations or restoration of existing ones in water bodies, affected by or at risk of being affected by human activity, as well as in transboundary water bodies.

4. Equipment of existing and newly built stations for ground water monitoring with devices for measurement, automatic storage and / or data transmission, according to developed projects incl. purchase of portable measurement equipment.

5. Conduction and participation in events activities.

6. Technical assistance activities by project preparation.

The maximum grant amount of the procedure is 15 000 000 BGN.

The deadline for project proposal submission is 16.00 h on December 30, 2016.

Project under the procedure should be submitted by the applicant only by completing a web-based application form in The Unified Management Information System for the EU Structural instruments in Bulgaria (UMIS) 2020 and by signing it with an electronic signature on webpage


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